Tears of the Aeon

The Gothic War

A gifted warrior boarding a journey filled with love and divine plotting is caught in this chaotic web. Bound by an unexplainable connection, he intertwines with a young Gothic woman, their union becoming a central point in a cosmic drama that captures the gods’ attention.

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Meet R. F. Pina, a loving husband and devoted father of four, whose incredible journey from the Dominican Republic to Queens, New York, sparked a deep passion for literature. Starting with a fascination for comic books as a means of escape, R. F. Pina gradually engrossed himself in the vast world of literature, discovering comfort and inner strength within the pages of books.

Tears of
the Aeon

The Gothic War

In the ancient times of 376 AD, amidst the clash of empires and forging destinies, a forgotten chapter unfolds in “Tears of The Aeon: The Gothic War.” Picture a world where the massive Roman Empire clashes with the desperate Visigoths, led by the mysterious Chieftain Fritigern, facing threats from Roman legions and ruthless Huns.

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